Current offerings from The Drawing Board

These delicious groups are currently running in Totnes! Email or message me to find out more or reserve a place.

MONDAYS      1.30-3pm
Studio One, The Mansion, Totnes  (all abilities)
£45 for five sessions
Four or Five-week blocks, next one beginning 16th March (Booking advised).
These sessions are designed to blend formal drawing techniques with experimentation and exploration of your own mark and style. The emphasis is on gaining confidence and dissolving inhibition in order to understand your own process and develop that into a comfortable practice. We look at the wider benefits of drawing and the philosophy of how drawing helps us think, move, feel, function and be.

THURSDAYS 10-12am Pop-up ‘Drawing Surgery
The People's Cafe, The Mansion, Totnes (all abilities)
This is a regular weekly informal meet-up to get some guidance and input for your drawing whilst enjoying a cuppa and having a sketch with fellow drawers. Bring along something to draw with and maybe a bit of coin for a cake!
It's free or pay what you feel/contribution

FRIDAYS 12-2pm (drawing-drop-in) (all abilities)
Birdwood House, Totnes
£8 per session
These are 2 hours of experimental mark-making.   Our emphasis will be on the process and the experience of drawing, freeing up the hand, the eye and the mind to immerse in our creative expression and play with materials. 

Life drawing at The Angel Gallery, Totnes
7th, 14th and 21st April - 7.30-9.30pm £35 for all three sessions
(Booking recommended)
Guided sessions, tutoring if needed, bring materials and sketchbook with hardback as there are no easels. 

One to one sessions also available (either via Zoom or face to face)
Whether you are an artist estranged from your practice looking for ways back, a terrified beginner who needs to get some practice before joining a group or you would like some support with a portfolio, project or keeping your drawing habits alive give me a shout.  

The Drawing Board

There are currently three sessions per week running in Totnes now. Monday afternoons, Thursday Mornings and Friday afternoons. There will also be a life drawing group on Tuesday evenings in April.

Under the banner of The Drawing Board I'm slowly trying to grow
a community drawing centre (albeit one that moves from place to
place!)  It's always been a dream to have a place that offers access to
drawing for all different needs and creeds. I'm testing the Friday afternoon ground with a group that
hopefully will expand but for now
I just wanted it to be space for safe and non-judgemental experimentation and exploration. To allow that creative flow to happen and see what we come up with. Maybe extending it further into projects or maybe using the time to
continue exercising our muscle memory and building our vocabulary of marks. It's drop-in but don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

In the past I have had a great response with one-to-one drawing mentoring. Either in person or via Zoom. This works really well for artists who have been frozen for a while or have had to abandon their practice and now want to reconnect to it. It also works well for people who want a bit of individual coaching and tuition before they join a bigger group. It can be inhibiting in a large group and drawing is a delicate thing to do when you are starting out.  I have found even an hour a week has an effect on a person's confidence and wellbeing and, of course,  their drawing.....
Contact me for more information and a chat if you're interested.

If you are stuck in the mud with your drawing just take this little tip that I give to all my students:

Keep a sketchbook handy wherever you find yourself sitting regularly. I keep one on the kitchen table (its a wad of scrap paper held together with a bulldog clip).  The idea is to draw your cup of tea everyday, sitting in this regular spot that you would be sitting in anyway. So it's no extra effort, it's no big deal and it's convenient.  If you do it everyday (more or less) you'll find the drawing will flow you will be less precious, less bothered about the outcome, you will begin to teach yourself by noticing new effects and techniques. It will develop in your own time. You will set yourself up for the day with a sense of achievement and a clear thinking mind. I guarantee. 
Give it a go.

Thanks for reading
(Chairman of The Drawing Board) always wanted to say that!

I was given a drawing yesterday as I was leaving the school where I work.  I was so touched. The artist is a girl whose imagination and prolific output are infectious. She draws and draws and draws and materialises crafted objects and images out of a font of never ending magic and that is the beauty of uninfluenced, unfettered, free, creative beings.  To be able to tap into that pre-trained essence is a gift and I sadly don't access it easily. but it doesn't stop me trying and B is a reminder, thankfully. Imagine just letting your hand draw what it wanted to without worrying about quality, value and worth and just enjoy the exploration of an unfolding expression?!

New drawing course in Totnes!

I'm really looking forward to running this. It's my belief that when we are drawing we are in the present moment and it's akin to practicing a meditation. To be able to relax and enter into that wonderful state we need to be able to draw without inhibition and so I am going to teach basic techniques with this in mind over the three weeks. Message me if you would like more information.

Drawing through Meditation Aller Park

Drawing Through Meditation
Beginning 13th April
a weekly course at Aller Park, Dartington Estate*

A bloc of 6 weeks taking us through the process
of connecting drawing with meditation.
    More information and booking via me:
    or Tonja

A centre of education which is now open
with a programme of discussions, meditations,
yoga, talks based on Astrology, Cosmology, Starlore
and so much more
More information:
David Matthews

we are going to be holding six weeks of workshops
at the rooms at Aller Park on Wednesdays 1-3pm starting
    from 13th